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The origins of Mizusawa Udon

「Udon is short for Undon」

Tanji Udon Flavor of a New Year’s Day Mizusawa Gift

“Udon” comes from “Undon” and has been a consumed since ancient days.

It is believed that the secret technique of making Teuchi (handmade) Udon was passed down to the people of Mizusawa by Enka, a high-ranking monk from the Kingdom of Goryeo (today’s Korean Peninsula) who opened access to this region during Empress Suiko’s Reign during the late 6th century to early 7th century.

Eating the handmade udon during the New Year’s Day pilgrimage to Mizusawa Temple to pay homage to Kannon, the Buddhist goddess of compassion, was a popular tradition for many visitors.

Also commonly known as “Tanji Udon” and “Mizusawa Kannon Udon”,
the flavor of our udon has been loved by many over the generations.